Morphological malformations of the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): Comparison between hormone injected and non-injected fish



In this study, fertilization, hatching and deformation rate of the eggs, and larvae obtained from hormone injected (HI) and non-injected broodstock (NHI), were determined. In the experiment, no differences were observed in the groups’ fertilization rates (p>0.05). Hatching rate was found higher in the HI group (p < 0.05). During the experiment, malformations such as spinal fluid accumulation, saddleback, air-bladder deformation and general body deformations were observed in both groups. For the NHI group, saddleback rate was found 5.13±0.55 %, air-bladder deformation rate was found 1.43±0.13%, spinal fluid accumulation was found 2.33±1.33% and general body deformation rate was found 3.76±0.23 % (p < 0.05). As a result, it was determined that the deformation rate increased with hormone injection (p < 0.05).