Determination of some heavy metal levels in three freshwater fish in Keban Dam Lake (Turkey) for public consumption

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Firat University

2 Fırat University

3 Nigde University


The accumulation of iron, zinc, copper and cobalt in the muscles of three freshwater fish (Cyprinus carpio, Squalius cephalus and Capoeta umbla) from Keban Dam Lake (Turkey) were investigated between September 2009 and April 2010. The concentration of heavy metals were found as Zn>Fe>Cu>Cd respectively. A positive relationship was found between heavy metal levels and fish size. The levels of all metals analysed in muscles of females were found to be higher than those in males. Our results showed that heavy metal levels which analyzed in this study in the muscles of three fish species from Keban Dam Lake were under the dangerous limits given by EPA and FAO and therefore there is no any risk for public consumption.