Developing organizational entrepreneurship to advance fisheries' economic and social goals

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Young Researcher Club

2 Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University

3 University of Mazandaran,


Organizational entrepreneurship is a process during which organizations recognize growth and development opportunities and create new values for customers through innovation and resource re-allocation. Besides, a variety of factors affect organizations' entrepreneurship capacity. In fact, the present paper aims to identify and rank effective factors on organizational entrepreneurship in Mazandaran province's Fisheries Organization through applied, descriptive – survey methodology. Research population is composed of management and entrepreneurship experts and professionals of Mazandaran Fisheries Organization. This paper, first, reviews related literature. Then, effective factors on entrepreneurship are identified and classified into three groups (behavioral, structural, environmental factors). Required data is collected through Delphi's Questionnaire and pair comparisons and are analyzed using Fuzzy Delphi Method (FDM) and Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP). Results indicate that effective factors on entrepreneurship are prioritized as: behavioral factors, structural factors and environmental factors. It is clear that organizational entrepreneurship is an important concept advantages of which have emerged more significantly, during recent years, to many organizations, firms and business agencies in various subsections such as industry, agriculture and Fishery and this provides organizations with a variety of social and economic benefits.