Acute toxicity and hematological indices and biochemical parameters of giant sturgeon, Huso huso after acute exposure to crude oil

Document Type: Research Paper


Inland Water Aquatic Stocks Research Center


This study was conducted to assess the effect of crude oil on some immunophysiological variables of Huso huso weighing 8.5±1g at 22°C. The 96h-LC50 value was first measured under static conditions and hematological and biochemical parameters were then assessed in treated fish exposed to 96h-LC50.  The LC50- 96h of 17.4 mg L-1 was obtained. The leucocyte and erythrocyte counts were declined in the treatments compared to the control, while the mean corpuscular volume and hematocrit were significantly higher than those in the fish exposed to crude oil LC50 concentration.  An increase in serum glucose was seen in sera samples of the treatments while levels of alanine aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase and lactate dehydrogenase were lower than those the control. The alterations of the hemato-biochemical parameters can be used as suitable biomarkers in monitoring of crude oil pollution in the aquatic environment and to protect aquatic organisms such as great sturgeon.