This is a scientific journal reporting on research in aquatic disciplines related to fisheries. IJFS is published four times per annum under permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 Research papers on fisheries and fishery-related subjects will be considered for publication. All material submitted must be original and unpublished works. Three categories of papers are considered for publication: “Original research papers”, “Short communications” and “Reviews”.

 Result of the living various species (contains animals and vegetal species) in various aquatic ecosystems, methods of propagation and culture of high value aquatic resources, pollutant agents and their effects to the environments of aquatic species, feeding, health and diseases of aquatic species, Research on fish processing and producing new products, approaching the best protection and stocks recovering and sustainable exploitation from live resources  and finally economic and social aspects of fisheries are the main scopes of the journal.

 The journal has been published since 1999 by the Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI) , Iran.




Current Issue: Volume 18, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 588-778 

1. Effect of white spot syndrome virus on the activity of immune-related enzymes in the red claw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus)

Pages 588-604

Danli Wang; Mengmeng Zhang; Junjia Ning; Qiaoqiong Tong; Xiao Cao; Shanglian Xu; Yunlong Zhao

4. Comparison of otolith morphology of invasive big-scale sand smelt (Atherina boyeri) from natural and artificial lakes in Turkey

Pages 635-645


6. Species inventory of the Rotatoria in the Anzali Wetland, Iran

Pages 1060-1067

Ali Bani; Ghsem Naser Alavi; Siamak Bagheri

9. Effects of stocking density on growth performance and profitability of Labeo bata fry reared in earthen ponds

Pages 1068-1075

Tanvir Ahmed; Md. Hasan Faruque; Md. Alamgir Kabir; Md. Ghulam Mustafa

12. Effects of riboflavin on growth, hematological and immunological parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fingerlings

Pages 727-734

Soheil 1Lameeihassankiadeh; Mehdi Mohammadalikhani; Saltanat Najjar Lashgari; Firouz Abbasian

14. Optimization of culture condition for growth of the Aurantiochytrium sp. shy, isolated from Persian Gulf

Pages 671-656

morteza pahlavan yali; Hassan Jalili; mostafa noroozi; yazdan Morady; fardehkho saba

16. Age and growth of Alburnus mossulensis Heckel, 1843 in Azad Dam Reservoir and Komasi River in Kordestan Province, Iran

Pages 672-683

Hasan Fazli; Gholamreza Daryanabard; Aliasghar Janbaz; Mehdi Naderi Jolodar; Rahman Mirzaei; Hamid Hoseinpour; Nazir Vahedi

17. Potential of poultry by-product meal as a main protein source in diets formulated for juvenile sobaity (Sparidentex hasta)

Pages 873-890

Fateme Hekmatpour; Preeta kochanian; Jasem Ghafle Marmmazi; Mohammad Zakeri; Seyed Mohammad Mousavi

19. Production of breaded kilka (Clupeonella cultriventris) using two different batters and determination of chemical, microbial and sensory properties

Pages 684-698

Sarah Jorjani; Ali Asghar Khanipour; Mehdi Soltani; Abbasali Matalebi; Abolghasem Kamali; Afshin Ghelichi

21. Evaluation of the antibacterial effects of Ag-Tio2 nanoparticles and optimization of its migration to sturgeon caviar (Beluga)

Pages 954-967

Amirali Anvar; Shabnam Haghighat Kajavi; Hamed Ahari; Anoosheh Sharifan; Abbasali Motallebi; Shapour Kakoolaki; Saeed Paidari

22. Chemical compositions, volatile compounds and sensory property of salted shrimp paste (Kapi) produced from Acetes vulgaris and Macrobrachium lanchesteri

Pages 1101-1114

Jaksuma Pongsetkul; Soottawat Benjakul; Punnanee Sumpavapol; Kitiya Vongkamjan; Kazufumi Osako

23. Effects of dietary Sel-Plex supplement on growth performance, hematological and immunological parameters in Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii Brandt, 1869)

Pages 830-846

Bahador Gholizadeh Zare Tavana; Mahdi Banaee; Ayoub Yousefi Jourdehi; Behzad Nematdoost Haghi; Mir Hamed Seyed Hassani

27. Blood biochemistry fluctuations as influenced by feed provision in juvenile Snow trout (Schizothorax zarudnyi)

Pages 735-744

Hashem khandan Barani; ahmad gharaei; narjes sanchooli; Mohadeseh Miri

30. Epiphytic algae of Lemna minor L. growing in natural habitat and aquarium

Pages 1076-1082

Gunes Pala; Zeliha Selamoglu; Metin Caglar

34. Effect of temperature stress on the survival of juvenile Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis)

Pages 763-774

Jiao PENG; Zhenggang XU; Biqiong LIU; Choucang DUAN; Yongcheng TANG; Yunlin ZHAO

41. Serratia marcescens B4A chitinase thermostability enhancement by S390I QuikChange site directed mutagenesis

Pages 1046-1059

Zeinab Emruzi tubkanlu; Saeed Aminzadeh; Ali Asghar Karkhane; Jahan Alikhajeh; Ahmad Ghoroghi

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