Investigation of solid removal in Cornell design tank using submerged vanes

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Iran Fisheries Research Institute

2 Puttra Malaysia

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Many scientists have studied on water quality and solid removal at Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), but the solid removal problem did not solve completely yet. This paper, is based on experimental data on a cylindrical tank in diameter of 0.53 m and height of 0.17 m and inlet flow using six nozzles in 2 mm diameter to determine solid removal efficiency by comparison with some different scenarios. The results indicate that using submerged vanes on the bed of the tank can improve removal of solid particles. In this paper 10 different scenarios compared and some of them showed more effectiveness on solid removal. The number of submerged vanes in the outer pyramid of the bed of the tank, necessarily does not reduce the amount of sediment discharge efficiency, and the location of every vane makes a special impact on the context of hydraulic conditions and solid removal as well.